25 Ways to Know You’re a Scuba Diver

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This content was originally published by our Dive Master Alexandra Jane Stuart-Cox on her blog. Please give her page a visit to read more about her experience with PIDS and her journey from fashion designer to scuba diving PADI PRO! Read more about our other staff experiences HERE.

Scuba Diving is a massive industry and extreme adventure sport that many of us take part in all around the world. Many of us have decided to make it a career choice just for a little while and become Dive Masters and Instructors. There are hundreds of us in this amazing profession around the world and even though we don’t all know each other there are a very specific things that we know and do as scuba divers, instructors and DM’s that connects us all to one massive underwater family.


We do life a little differently as Scuba Divers and sometimes we do things that normal land breathing people don’t quite catch onto. Here are a few myself and my dive family came up with.

You know you’re Scuba Diver when:

1) Your profile picture is that ONE amazing photo that got taken of you underwater. It is a very rare occasion that you get caught looking so badass in your gear.

Lets be honest- its not often we get any photos when we’re working, underwater. Unless you work with a full time Dive master who is your under water photographer, (and in this case, you are very fortunate) its a miracle if you get that one photo of you and when you do, you change every single profile picture online to show everyone that youre actually do have a Diving job and this is your work attire.

Here’s a photo of one of our instructors who, if you go search him on Facebook, this is his profile picture…

2) You tell yourself you don’t need to gym because you carry tanks ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

Okay, This is a subject I always get a bit salty about. Of all the things us scuba divers do the most, carry cylinders is definitly top of that list. Everything is always all fun and games until we have to load and offload our boat. Even though it probably takes up one third of our day, it always feels as if its the longest few minutes of our lives. So in that case, gym is not needed. And you’ll never meet a scuba Diver who cannot carry to cylinders comfortably and who doesn’t have muscly shoulders.

3) When you get home after diving and decide to skip on that shower.

Who needs a shower when you’ve already submerged yourself in water today and that time you got to see fish. Way better than a standing up trickle of water above your head.

4) When you use the dive sign “OKAY” in the water, out the water, in the bar, and to strangers. Its now just an automatic twitch.
5) When a “thumbs up” is no longer a hand signal you use EVER! Unless you’re going GOING UP. Which is once a dive FYI! That’s it.
6) When you cant wait to deflate your BCD and finally get some peace and quiet from that one high pitched chatter box on the boat.

We as DM’s, instructors and divers more times than not, cant wait to get under water just so there is no more talking Toms that seem to never shut up on the surface.

7) When looking after your ears becomes more important than any other part of your daily health check.

We all know that irrational fear we get about getting an ear infection after or before a dive day. And when you’re diving a season you DO NOT want to have problems equalising. OH HELL NO. Possibility of getting lost at sea and eaten by hungry white sharks? – No problem. EAR INFECTION? – I’M OUT!

8) You’ll never get over that painful cringe you do when your customer or buddy tells you that they’ve bought their own “flippers” and “goggles”
9) You then proceed to educate them about the term “BEER FINE”.
10)  AND THEN seem to be racking up a free bar tab of beers because you spent most of your day reminding them they’re called “FINS” and “MASK” and please, Brittany, take your mask off your forehead and put it around your neck.
11) You hang your head in shame after looking at these Instagram models posing with their masks on their heads.

THATS NOT WHERE IT GOES. first of all- we’re talking a very abnormal looking tan and second of all, if that wave comes for you, BOOM! bye bye Expensive aqualung mask.

12) When carabiners become your new favourite gadget.
13) The love hate relationship you’ve developed with washing equipment.

Lets be honest here, we all hate doing it but know how important it is.

14) When you start referring to any sort of break on land and off land a “surface interval”
15) When you start using lingo in front of non divers and totally forget that have no idea what your talking about.

“The Viz”

“surface interval”

“Dive conditions”

“Feed the fish”

16) When you start enjoying being around fish more rather than being around people.
17) And when you start wanting to be in the water more than you want to be on land.
18) You’re so proud of your big bulky watch, which by the way, is not a watch, its a computer and its basically your life.
19) When the boat you’re on is getting on your nerves and you start thinking what a REALLY GOOD wreck dive it would make.
20) You have mastered the art of remaining calm.
21) You’re that one person in the bar that is wearing the oldest worn out clothes that are second hand with holes in but you’re wearing the most expensive watch and you just spent your clothes money on new scuba gear. 
22) Every second T-shirt in your cupboard is a dIve T-shirt. 
23) You have more bikinis than underwear and sometimes wear your bikinis AS underwear.
24) Three words ; Bad Tan Lines.
25) You either pee in your wet suit or lie about peeing in your wet suit.

Two types of scuba divers; Those who pee in their wet suit and those who lie about it.

The photos posted in this blog are taken by an incredible Dive Master Intern, Pedro Medeiros and Marketing Intern, Gillian McCreedy. The photos taken by Pedro Medeiros will automatically ink you to his website and ill add his Instagram and Facebook page below. 

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