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PADI Gas Blender

Around the world, the popularity of Nitrox and Tri-mix gases for diving has taken off. The PADI Gas Blender course certifies you to mix these gases, as well as teaching you the proper procedures for Oxygen Service Standard equipment cleaning. If you want to add value to your scuba resume sign up for the PADI Gas Blender course today.

The huge growth of Enriched Air diving around the world has created a demand for qualified gas blenders. In this course you will certify as a Gas Blender able to provide this valuable service at dive centres, resorts, and liveaboards.

PADI Gas Blender program

It is a simple two day program that teaches not only the theory behind exotic gas mixing, but also how to clean for oxygen service standard, as well as actual hands on blending. This is a valuable add on to the resume of anyone hoping to work in the dive industry


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