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Master Instructor/Course Director

The Master Instructor rating is awarded to highly qualified and experienced PADI IDC Staff Instructors. Master Instructors have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the PADI system of diver education and are members of the Master Instructor Review Committee, which is called upon from time to time to review changes and standards. It is also the prerequisite certification required to apply to the Course Director Training Course.

At Phangan International Diving School (PIDS) we run a Master Instructor/Course Director preparatory program that will help you obtain the experience you need to achieve these ratings by auditing and assisting on our PADI IDCs. This highly personalized program will help guide you through the process of attaining these ratings while helping you to achieve the required certifications and experiences.

Achieve Your Career Goals at PIDS

In order to determine how we can best assist you, please write to us at and tell us your current certification level, a breakdown of your certifications issued/students taught, how many IDCs you have staffed (if any), and your career advancement goals
Our Course Director will help you customize a training program that will allow you to be mentored in our facility, achieve your Master Instructor rating, and prepare your CDTC application and required CDTC business plan.

Course Time: Varies