PADI Women’s Dive Day July 16th 2016

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Women's Dive Day


Phangan International Diving School


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) has designated July 16 as Women’s Dive Day with the goal of getting as many women scuba divers as possible to go diving on the same day, thus building awareness and interest for the sport of scuba diving.

Phangan International Diving School will be offering 15% off on all our courses and Fun Dive for the ladies and also men who wear female clothes on July 16th 2016 ONLY!!!

As scuba diving evolved in the 1940s and 1950s from a commercial and military activity into a recreational sport, it was dominated by young males and scuba diving is still primarily a male dominated sport with women accounting for only 35% of annual PADI Open Water Diver certifications. That being said, women have contributed greatly to the sport of scuba diving. Notable female divers include Zale Perry, Eugenie Clark and Sylvia Earle amongst many others.

Zale Parry started scuba diving in the 1940’s. She worked as an actress on Sea Hunt and was an underwater photographer.  In the early 1950’s Ms Parry and her future husband, Parry Bivens, designed, built and marketed the first civilian hyperbaric chamber which they used to test scuba diving equipment. In 1953 they formed Scientific Underwater Research Enterprises.  Zale Parry set a new women’s deep diving record of 209’ while testing the Hope-Page non-return valve mouthpiece in open water. She is said to have stopped at 209’ only because she had reached the bottom! As a result of her success, the equipment became a standard regulator feature.  The deep diving record and testing was an important news event and a photo Zale Parry was featured on the cover of the May 1955 Sports Illustrated.

Dr. Eugenie Clark was born in May of 1922.  Often referred to as “The Shark Lady”, Dr. Clark did her scuba training in the 1940’s.  Her love of fish and sharks was born through frequent visits to the Aquarium in Manhattan’s Battery Park as a child. She studied zoology and was a research assistant at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  In 1955, Dr. Clark became the founding director of Mote Marine Laboratory in Florida, formally the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory and she remained a Mote trustee until her death in February of 2015. In 1968 she was onboard the legendary maiden voyage of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s ship, the Calypso as it toured globally to film ocean environments.  While on that journey Dr. Clark participated in experiments on shark behavior. Her career resulted in her becoming one of the leading experts in shark behavior.

Dr. Sylvia Earle was born in August of 1935 and is the Explorer-in-Residence of the National Geographic Society. She is often referred to as “The Sturgeon General” or “Her Deepness”.  Dr. Earle made an open-ocean dive to the sea floor near Oahu in a JIM suit, setting the women’s depth record of 1,250’. In 1990, Dr. Earle was the first woman to hold the title of Chief Scientist for NOAA. She has logged more than 7,000 hours underwater and has led over a hundred expeditions. Dr. Earle is strong proponent of safeguarding and preserving our marine ecosystems and in so doing has received more than a hundred national and international honors.

These and so many more female scuba divers have made important strides in the sport of scuba diving.


Make your scuba diving reservations for PADI Women’s Dive Day on July 16th 2016 using the following methods.


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Let’s celebrate all those who have made a difference!

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