So you’re going diving.

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Diving with PIDS

Your ticket is booked, bag is packed and you are finally on your way to Koh Phangan where world class diving awaits. You’re passing the time on the flight dreaming of the white sand beaches, crystal clear water, endless ice cold Mai Tai’s and beach side massages. Suddenly you spring awake… in your last minute packing frenzy you forgot to pack underwear, bummer! It’s easy to be forgetful when you’re excited, but when you’re booking your dive there are three things you don’t want to forget!

If you have a flight soon

Nothing ruins a dive trip more than a trip to the decompression chamber. Rapid changes in elevation without proper pressurization can lead to serious problems. PADI (Professional association of dive instructors) suggests 12 hours of surface time per single dive, and 18 hours surface time for multiple dives. No matter if you are doing an introduction dive, or your 1 millionth dive it’s best to stick to these guidelines in order to prevent decompression sickness also known as DCS or, ‘the bends’. Without going into too much detail DCS occurs when nitrogen, that is absorbed by the body tissue through the breathing gas, expands too quickly and forms bubbles in your tissues and/or bloodstream. Symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, joint pain, vertigo and shortness of breath. If that doesn’t deter you, other signs include blotchy skin rash, confusion, difficulty urinating, and everyones favorite, ‘coughing up bloody, frothy sputum’. Moral of the story, dive conservatively and give yourself ample surface time before flying. Or risk coughing up bloody, frothy sputum. Your choice.


If you’re drunk and/or intoxicated

Pretty straight forward right? Whether it’s the waterfall party, jungle experience, slip and fly, half moon or full moon the parties in Koh Phangan are plentiful. What’s a trip to Thailand without some body paint and a few buckets of local spirits on the beach. Go for a night out, nurse your hangover the next day, and come diving the next. We support you having a great time and when you’re with us, its our job to ensure it! Intoxication leads to slower response/reaction time, it impairs your motor skills, and  leads to dehydration
Dehydration may also slow the bodies ability to appropriately remove nitrogen from your body, making you more susceptible to ‘the bends’. See also: ‘coughing up bloody, frothy sputum. Bottom line? Diving under the influence increases your risk of injury and illness; the last thing you want on your vacation.

full-moonDiving is fun!

That’s right, diving is fun! You have to remember that the world is over 70% water, and scuba diving gives you access to it. Once licensed you will have endless opportunities to explore ship wrecks from World War II, sunken museums, and even experience 0 gravity! Join us for what could become your favorite past time!


Whether you’re planning on sticking around for a few months to do your instructor development course or just a few days, Phangan International Diving School has a program fit for you. Call or email us today to set up your life changing experience!

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